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Vivo Barefoot Shoes

With over 200,000 nerve endings, the human foot is a natural wonder. Isn’t it about time you start running as nature intended?

Vivo Barefoot Shoes

Before the invention of the modern running shoe in the 1980s, running shoes looked very different. With the invention of padded heels support and thick soles in the 80s, many leading podiatrists argue that we are moving away from how nature intended us to run leading to a multitude of injuries. Vivo Barefoot believes this unnatural running leads to up to 79% of runners giving up because of injury. Inspired by Christopher McDougall’s best selling book ‘Born to Run’, the barefoot movement has converted many runners, from athletes as well as hobbyists to the benefits of natural running. With no padded heel or arch support Vivo Barefoot shoes go back to basics allowing users to run just how nature intended.

Providing a tough sole to protect against foreign sharp objects, barefoot shoes promote injury free and efficient running. Using ethically sourced, eco friendly and sustainable materials, Vivo Barefoot shoes are a brand respected for their high quality footwear. Producing shoes for a variety of different terrains and activities as well as shoes for children, Vivo Barefoot shoes are a lifestyle shoe: for work, for training for everyday life. Get back to moving as nature intended with Vivo Barefoot.


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