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Spyder Skiwear

If you’re looking for the pinnacle of high quality ski sportswear, look no further than Spyder

Spyder Clothing


Spyder skiwear is the pinnacle of high-end athletic alpine sportswear.  Spyder was created and designed by David Jacob who’s more than qualified to engineer ski gear. Not only is he Canadian, a nationality that is well acquainted with alpine sports, but he was also a world famous gold medal winning downhill alpine skier! So when it comes to ski gear, the Spyder brand is synonymous with quality. Spyder produces ski and snowboard gear with one aim: to go fast. It just so happens that they’re pretty good at this- maybe too good, as some of their products have been banned from international competitions on account of their fabric technologies reducing wind drag by up to 40% over competitor fabrics.

Having supplied gear to major ski teams such as the US and Yugoslav ski team, Spyder now sponsor the Canadian alpine ski team. They are the brand of choice for many international competitors. Their use of xstatic antimicrobial technologies on their skin tight base layers and ski suits ensure you can stay on the slopes all day but won’t smell like you’ve been up there all week! With some standout designs from bright orange flames to spider webs and even Canadian maple leaves, Spyder products are well known for standing out on the slopes. If you want stand out ski clothing manufactured from the highest grade materials with an emphasis on hurtling downhill as fast as possible, it’s likely that Spyder ski clothes and ski jackets are the brand for you. Find great sales on skiwear and snowboarding gear today at SportPursuit

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