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Icebreaker Clothing

The best in outdoor clothing and merino wool products made by Icebreaker and selected by SportPursuit

Icebreaker Clothing

Icebreaker have created an innovative material that uses New Zealand's very own merino sheep wool to create one of the most effective sports materials on the market. A high performance fibre designed to help you battle against any type of weather and available for amazing prices at SportPursuit.  Innovative, interesting and a must have for any outdoor sports enthusiast. Icebreaker merino have used a mixture of synthetics, cotton and the merino sheep's wool to create a material that will serve every purpose. 

The merino sheep has braved New Zealand's most extreme weather conditions and mountain ranges for centuries, so what better than a pinch of their tough coat to prepare yourself for your next climb? Created in New Zealand's Southern Alps, the unique system of Icebreaker base layers gives you the maximum amount of comfort possible, insulates when cold and allows your skin to breathe when warm.  All that for an unbelievably competitive price here at



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