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Happy Hot Feet Remote Controlled Heat Insoles (Red)

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Happyhotfeet insoles provide radiant warmth and excellent cushion for ultimate winter-time comfort. Plug the insoles in and they do more than simply heat up - they keep you happy. Happyhotfeet insoles are designed with an integrated battery. So don't spend one more winter with cold, uncomfortable feet. Step into warmth with your perfect sole mate Happyhotfeet insoles. The Happyhotfeet insoles are only 112 grams, flexible and easy to use. Happyhotfeet insoles are extremely flat - 3 mm thick at the front and 12mm at the heel.

For best performance we recommend that you not fully charge the batteries if the insoles are not being used for a longer period of time. Charge the batteries for only 20 minutes, and charge again for another 20 minutes every 3 months. Charge the batteries completely before using the insoles again the following season.


  • Remote controlled high temperature heating insoles
  • RF radio frequency controlled
  • 1 size for men and 1 size for women
  • Weight is only 121 g
  • 3 Heat levels: Low 40°C Medium 45°C High 50°C - in min. 3-7 hours
  • Built-in 1900 mA Li-ion battery can be charged +500 times
  • Keep warm in cold weather
  • Long working time and long lifespan
  • Therapy function
  • Suitable for different styles of shoes
  • Waterproof & Deodorant
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • CE and RoHS approved
  • How to use your insoles:

    When using your Happyhotfeet insoles, press the H Button and the blue LED light will turn, with the insoles on the high level. If you want to change levels, just hit the bottom.

    • High level – click on the H – (RED LED) – 50°C – in min. 3-4 hours
    • Medium level – click on the M (RED/GREEN LED ) – 45°C – in min. 4-5 hours
    • Low level – click on the L (GREEN LED ) – 40°C – in min. 6-7 hours
    • To turn the insoles off click the OFF switch of the remote control and the insoles will be OFF.

    If you lose the remote control, you can manually push the button on the backside of the insole. If needed, remove any existing insoles from your shoes or boots in order to guarantee a perfect fit for your Happyhotfeet insoles. After use remove your Happyhotfeet insoles and turn OFF the power!

    The Happyhotfeet insoles have 1 size for Men :41-46 and one for Women: 35-40. The size is written underneath the insole. The insoles can be trimmed to fit your shoes, simply follow the cutting lines. Do not cut beyond the solid line or excessively bend the soles! This will cause damage to the heating elements and your Happyhotfeet insoles.

    Operation instructions:

    After charging, the first thing to do is to synchronise your insoles to the remote control:

    • 1. When the switch is to the left, the insole is off and the remote will not work.
    • 2. To synchronise your insoles centre the switch. The LED will flash and the insoles are now ready to be synchronized. Simply press a button on the remote and from now on you can use the remote to control your insoles.
    • 3.When the switch is to the right, the insole will turn on and stay on at a medium heat level. – Note: the remote will not work in this setting. Your insoles are now synchronized.
    • Daily/care instructions:

      • Turn OFF your insoles when not in use.
      • Store your insoles and adapter in a clean and dry place.
      • Only use the original adapter to charge the insoles.
      • Only charge the insoles when they are outside of your shoes or boots.
      • Do not damage the heating elements by bending the insoles.
      • Cut the insoles to size only as mentioned above!
      • Clean with a damp cloth only!
      • Do not submerge in water!
      • Air-dry your insoles only! Do not place them on radiators or any other hot surface!
      • Let your insoles dry completely before charging again.
      • The switch must be set to the OFF position when charging the soles.

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