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SportPursuit introduces Arena Swimwear & Goggles


Wherever there are watersports, there is Arena

Arena Swimwear and Goggles


Whether the most swimming you do is splashing around in the pool on holiday, or if you're a lean mean swimming machine, Arena caters for you.

Arena has equipped some of the world's greatest swimming champions, but you too can get into Arena at SportPursuit on Thursday 29th September.

Find out more about Arena's heritage on the Arena website.

Work out which swimwear style you need here.



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What to expect in this sale:

– Men's and women's swimwear and goggles.

– Up to 60% off RRP!

Arena Nimesis Mirror Goggles  
Arena Logo Arena Mens Samkin Trunk  


Everything you never knew about....

....swimwear backshapes.

Arena Racing Back SwimsuitRacing Backs: Open backs are ideal for athletic use. The strap structure is designed to free up the shoulder blades and the leg cut is high to maximize freedom of movement.

Arena Swim Pro SwimsuitArena Y-Line SwimsuitArena H-Line SwimsuitTraining Backs / Ergonomic: Highly flexible back shape is suitable for all strokes. This family of backs provides superior breast support and a highly ergonomic fit.

Arena Spider SwimsuitArena Webline SwimsuitArena U-Line SwimsuitTraining Backs / Freedom: A stylish and feminine range of backs. Sporty look combined with extremely comfortable fit.

Arena Wing SwimsuitArena Strap SwimsuitBodylift Backs: Comfortable backs that follow the natural contours of the body thus delivering ergonomic fit and optimal support.