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2XU Compression

SportPursuit introduces 2XU compression


2XU - Human Performance. Multiplied.


2XU from SportPursuit on Vimeo.


2XU ("Two Times You") "aims to advance human performance through the development of world-leading technical athletics clothing".

In other words, they provide the amateur athlete with professional kit to keep fatigue, soreness and injury at bay during exercise and shorten recovery time afterwards.

Add a little intelligence to your sporting wardrobe, and get into 2XU Compression at SportPursuit.

Learn more about the benefits of compression kit here.

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Preview the Sale

 What to expect in this sale:

– Men's and women's compression gear including tops, tights, shorts and socks.

– Up to 42% off RRP!

Other 2XU sales include:

– A range of men's & women's 2XU compression cycling shorts, tights and bibs.

– Up to 50% off RRP!

2XU Mens Long Sleeved Compression Top in White  
2XU logo 2XU Mens Compression Tights  


So Why Should I Wear Compression?

While compression has been used in the medical industry for 150 years (in the form of pressure bandaging), only recently have a number of research articles and studies been published which confirm the benefits of wearing compression garments during and after exercise.

2XU compression garments have been engineered to improve circulation and hold muscles in the correct anatomical position; which is key to minimise muscle damage from both physical exercise and the general wear and tear of day to day activity.

Studies have now shown that compression is not only ideal for athletic training and recovery, but also for various aspects of modern life, such as for women suffering pregnancy oedema or simply to reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) due to long haul flights.


The athletic benefits alone of wearing compression kit are extensive:

During Exercise:

  • - Reduced muscle damage and injury due to better muscle containment & stability.
  • - Heightened agility.
  • - Improved performance.
  • - Reduced muscle fatigue.
  • - Moisture is wicked away from the skin.
  • - Temperature control due to breathable fabric.
  • - SPF 50+ sun protection.
  • - Odour management due to antibacterial, odour resistant fabric.


Post Exercise:

  • - Faster recovery from fatigue.
  • - Reduced swelling and muscle soreness.
  • - Improved ability to maintain performance levels after wearing Compression garments for recovery between bouts of exercise.
  • - Improved circulation and more efficient flushing of lactate from the bloodstream.
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